Bicker Poppy Making Appeal

Bicker Poppy Making Appeal

Calling all crafters!  Sue Stainton from Bicker is co-ordinating a village Poppy Appeal for people who enjoy crafting to make as many poppies as possible.  The plan is to have a display at the Church, the War Memorial and the Methodist Chapel.  Whatever the poppies are made from, wool, felt, material, even plastic, they are all welcome!  Any poppies made out of papier-mâché etc. can be displayed inside the Church, with the more robust ones attached to netting to display outdoors. Purple poppies (for the animals) are also welcome.

Sue has asked that all poppies have a ‘tail’ so they can be attached to the display.

If you have any empty plastic fizzy drinks bottles please save them.  The bottoms can be cut off and spray painted and made into poppies too.  Please drop your empty bottles off at any of the Church Coffee Mornings (see the events page for a list of dates), with Lesley at Footbridge Cottage or Tina at Swan House.

If you need any knitting or crochet patterns pop along to the coffee morning, Sue is gathering up a collection of patterns.

Thank you!