Bicker bombing remembered in award winning song!

Bicker bombing remembered in award winning song!

On 20th July 2019, local group Crossing The Tracks performed at St. Swithun’s Church to help raise funds for the Church Roof Project.  The concert was a roaring success and enjoyed by all.


Our Project Manager, Dr. Martin Salisbury, has just received a letter from one of the band members, Mark Addison, with the most amazing news!

“Hi Martin … When I played the concert at St. Swithun’s with Crossing the Tracks, I saw the tablet commemorating the bombs which fell on Bicker in 1941.  The result was a song which has just won the silver award in the BBC Radio Lincolnshire “Song for Lincolnshire” competition!

It occurred to Mark that a young lad, scared in his home in 1941, would , as a vulnerable old man, probably be house-bound again by the Covid 19 virus of 2020.

The song is entitled Mark the Time, performed by Between the Lines, and can be heard by clicking on the YouTube link below!  It’s a fabulous song with a beautiful melody and is a great tribute to Bicker, Bicker Fen and the history surrounding the bombs dropped on the village in 1941.  Thank you Mark!

Mark the Time performed by Between the Lines