My Word! – Read all about it!

My Word! – Read all about it!

Author Peter Sargent is our very own historical consultant for the St. Swithun’s Church roof repair project. He has helped research and write illustrated history panels on show in the church, and is drawing up a series of history talks and events due to be held online this autumn. (Keep an eye on our Events page for further information regarding the history talks)

Peter has already written three books on the history of eastern England – A Moment in Time, A Place in History and Anglian Annals. His new book will be published on October 1, 2020. Entitled My Word!, it is an informative and entertaining read. The book explores the origins of 100 popular words, where they came from and how our use of them continues to change in a fast-paced world. In the book you will find out it was once a good thing to be a bully. Meet the clown who almost wrecked Cleopatra’s suicide scene in William Shakespeare’s play, and discover what singing goats have got to do with tragedy. Discover the roots of words such as palaver, hoity-toity, blackmail, politics, algebra, zero, unicorn and blackmail. Were Cossack cavalrymen the first to eat in a bistro, and were twittering birds the first to use jargon? Above all, what word could possibly link King Henry VIII and Paddington Bear? (Clue: it’s very tasty!)

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Priced £10, My Word! will be available at Amazon and for pre-order at allthings It is published by Paul Dickson Books in Norwich.

Peter Sargent, My Word