We have been getting great feedback about the website and the Church Roof Project on our Facebook Page, Friends of St. Swithun’s, Bicker.  Feedback is very important to us, good or bad, as we have to report to the Heritage Lottery Fund how you, the community, feel about what we are doing.


Please feel free to leave your comments, find us on our Facebook page,  Friends of St. Swithun’s, Bicker


Here are some of the comments we have had so far:


“I have really enjoyed watching the videos and looking at the photos of Bicker from my apartment in Singapore.  It was really nice to listen to the interviews conducted with current residents.  Well done to all those who worked so hard to make such an interesting document”

“Watched the church tour. Very professional. A lot of work has gone into the site.  You must be very chuffed with it”

“Brings back memories of my childhood…The village is absolutely steeped in history, can’t wait until I can visit again”

“The living histories was very good, I’d not seen this before for a village site.  Also the gallery was great, excellent decision to cover the parish and not just the church grounds. Probably the most comprehensive archive of Bicker photos online!”

“Excellent, it portrays the village better than I have ever seen before. So many of the photos remind me of my upbringing in the village…Well done to everyone involved”

“Just spent the last 3 hours reading and watching some fabulous footage of the village that has been my home for the past 25 years…loved hearing about the history and local people’s stories, the website is really well put together, well done to those who made it possible, you’re a real credit to Bicker”

“Nicely laid out. Very welcoming”